Rising Stars - Older beginners

Yes we have a class for you! Our Rising Stars programme is specially designed for our older dance enthusiasts that have decided they want to give dance ago. I did not start dancing untill the age of 11 and through wonderful inspiring teachers I was able to catch up and I've spent my life dancing! You will be amazed of the benefits dance can bring your child no matter what age they start! In 2020 our Rising star program will be made up of jazz and contemporary dance, Hip Hop class is a popular addition to this program.

1 day per week

1x 60 Jazz Class


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Tea and Coffee for mums and dads

$14.50 per class ($130.50per term)

My Daughter is in her 3rd year with TMDW, she started at age 7 with no prior dance experience, and with the help and encouragement of Tara, we seem to have created a wee dance monster, she lives & breathes for dancing now.

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