Junior School for 8 - 11yr Olds

By this age our beautiful junior dancers are generally hooked on dance and cant get enough so we thought we better keep them busy!

Our junior school consists of 3 levels where all levels will be training in Jazz, Ballet, Acro and we have added a stretch and conditioning class as we build apon our flexibility, strength and techniques. Combinations and steps are introduced more regularly so the student really starts to dance...

Jazz and Acro exams are sat annually and the dancers thrive about extra performance opportunity's in our end of year showcase. Students who are showing a strong passion, commitment and solid technique are able to join our elite performance teams where we compete on a regular basis. 

Junior School Level 1, 2, 3

2/3Days Per week

1x 45 - 60min Jazz Class

1x 45min Ballet Class

1 x 45 - 60min Acro Class

1x 30min Stretch


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Tea and Coffee for mums and dads

$9.30 per class ($335per term)

Additional Classes

Add "Hip Hop" or "Contemporary" to your Junior program for $8.00 a class

Our Daughter has been dancing at TMDW for 3 years and has been fortunate to be able to compete in jazz competitions as all she wants to do is compete on stage!

Dancing weather it recreational, completing examinations or dancing competitively helps to foster life long skills including commitment, motivation, concentration, self confidence, respect and discipline upon many more. Tara makes her dance studio a fun encouraging and rewarding place to be. Our daughter loves going to her classes and we cant wait to see TM Dance World change and grow with the new studio providing many new and exciting opportunities

~Rubies Mum

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