Intermediate & Senior School for 14 years and up

Your Child is now a committed focused student who has found a life long love for dance. Class is now focused on maintaining and building a fabulous technique and conditioning a strong flexible healthy dancers body. Performance opportunity are at their peak and the students thrive on the exciting travel that comes with this. Your child is a role model of our school and they have a strong understanding of teamwork. Contemporary class is now added to our programmes as the students grow to become capable performers in a variety of dance.

2/3 days per week

1 x 85min Jazz Class

1x 60min Ballet class

1x 60min Acro

1x 45-60min Contemporary class

1x 45min Performance class

1 x 30-45min stretch leap and turn class


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10% adult’s classes

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Tea and Coffee for mum's and dads

$8.85 per class ($480per term)

Additional Classes

Add "Hip Hop" , "Hip Hop Performance" or "Tap" to your Intermediate Program for $8.00 class or chat to us about joining our Elite Programme.

Tara works incredibly hard to ensure that she provides the very best opportunities for her dance students. She takes her role as teacher extremely seriously and fosters an exceptional culture amongst the students of her school – it is a credit to her to see the various age groups interacting so effortlessly and enthusiastically. 

~ Breanna's Mum

Dance is one the of the best interests and yes I'm going to say sport that a child can have. Dance trains all muscles so not only does in help in co-ordination, stamina and flexibility it is also a fabulous way of training your brain and attention span.

During my daughter's dancing years she has made great friends with other dancers and has enjoyed the competitive side of dance. We have travelled all over the South Island and even to Australia and will leave with wonderful memories.

I encourage all parents who have a child who is interested in dance to encourage them to pursue their interest to the full.

~ Pippa's Mum

It has been wonderful to see the confidence in our 3 daughters grow with both on and off stage. TM dance is great to keep your children active and fit and it’s easy to see why they all develop such a love for dance.

~ Jade's Mum

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