Hip Hop Highlights

This programme is designed for our hip hop enthusiasts! Fun energetic classes danced to the lasted pumping tracks! Your child will learn our newly introduced hip hop syllabus "Urban Ignition", the dancers will be inspired by the creative choreography and have opportunity's to work and create their own crew dance as well as exploring their own style through freestyle exercises. All dancers in our senior programme will be part of our performance crews. Please check with Tara if this is the right programme for you!

Hip Hop Highlights

2 Days per week

1x 45-60min Hip Hop Class

1x 30-45min Hip Hop Performance Class

1 x 45-60min Class of your choice ( Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Contemporary or Stretch )


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Free Tea and Coffee for Mums and Dads

$11.00 Per Class

A wonderful place for any young aspiring dancer to learn any genre of dance . Tara is an amazing teacher who always makes time for each and everyone of her dancers. We started out five years ago with no dance experience and my three daughters (one in particular) have learnt so much. I was a newby who was terrified of the world of 'dance Moms" however have met so many lovely parents who will now remain lifelong friends.

TM Dance Worlds new studios are amazing and you will be made very welcome.

~ Millie's Mum

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