Elementary School - 11-13yrs

As our dancers transition into their high school years they continue to grow their passion for dance while also creating friendships that will last a life time! The dancers will participate in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Acro and Stretch Leap and Turn Classes weekly working hard on technique at our elementary level. Most of the students also like to live with us by now so they often explore other styles on hand including Hip Hop and Tap as well as catching the bug for competitive dance life too! We will grow your child's confidence, strength, fitness, flexibility, posture and dance techniques over the next few years along with offering many opportunity's to shine and perform on stage.

Elementary School

2/3 Days per week

1 x 85min Jazz Class

1 x 60min Acro Class

1 x 45min Ballet Class

1 x 45min Contemporary Class

1 x 30min Stretch Leap and Turn Class


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10% adult’s classes

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Tea and Coffee for mum's and dads

$10.00 per class ($450per term)

Additional Classes

Add "Hip Hop" , "Hip Hop Performance" or "Tap" to your Intermediate Program for $8.00 class or chat to us about joining our Elite Programme.

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