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Create my own Class

At TMDW we specialize in dance progammes as we love to spend as much time as we can with you!

However we are also happy for you to to come have a boogie with us as a casual student.

In "Create my own Class" you can choose your own classes (where appropriate) but please take note there are some things you will sadly miss out on..

Special Bonus's are not included

Special Programme rates are not included

Performance Team opportunity's are not included

You may find your classes don't line up back to back times with easy convenience.

TMDW Create My Own Class Fees

60min Classes                                 45 min Classes                                       30min Classes (primary classes)

    $15.50                                                         $14.50                                                                    $11.50      

A 5% discount will apply if you are enrolling in two or more classes.

Enrol in Create my own Class