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TM Dance World has been bringing the joys of dance into the hearts and homes of Malven families for over 10 years now. Our dedicated talent team at TMDW is committed to making sure that each student is able to discover their full potential , finds a lifetime love & skill in dance and feels valued all along the way.

We are focused on providing professional fun dance programmes. Your child will be able to learn the fundamentals of dance in a safe and nurturing environment while our passionate teachers will encourage support and inspire our students to be the best they can be.

We strive to achieve a high standard of dance at TMDW whilst seeking enjoyment and a love for dance within the students.

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Testimonials from the ones who know us best

Tara's devotion to dance and her students inspired my daughter to achieve some amazing results over the years at TM Dance. But more than the certificates, trophies, fantastic dancing, costumes and shows - was the foundation of confidence, fitness, shared cameraderie, and dedication that came with being a part of the TM Dance family. This solid and invaluable foundation has enabled my daughter to take on new opportunities and apply that same dedication with fantastic results. I will forever be grateful to Tara for being such a great role model and inspiration, and having such a positive impact on my daughter's life.

~ Kelly's Mum

My Daughter is in her 3rd year with TMDW, she started at age 7 with no prior dance experience, and with the help and encouragement of Tara, we seem to have created a wee dance monster, she lives,, breathes for dancing now.

Tara has the most amazing rapport with all of the children and parents alike, everyone is kept up to date and well informed , and all of the girls absolutely idolise Tara ....I,m most impressed how professional every aspect of TMDW is, we are certainly looking forward to many more years of dancing with Tara for our daughter.

~ Milan's Mum

Amazing school, amazing teachers!! TM Dance is highly recommended in my book. In the 4yrs my daughter has been there she has learnt so much. Not just dance but motivation to succeed no matter what she tries to do. I thank Tara and her amazing school for part of who my daughter has become today. We would never look to go anywhere else.

~ Alyssa's Mum


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